Dani 2PC Sterling Silver Ring


Hi there! I had a very beautiful vision of what this ring could be. It should be an emerald cut ring with a jacket of same shape so you can wear them independently or together. However, I was not informed by the factory that it is kind of hard to put them together on the finger and realize the design I had in mind. 

These are custom rings I asked them to produce for me, and customs usually require higher quantity amount to produce. Now I am stuck with the inventory of this one while I am trying to make some changes on this beautiful design. It is for this reason that we are selling this at a low cost. Enjoy and hopefully you find beauty in its imperfection. xoxo, Anna



The Dani 2PC Sterling Silver Ring is the perfect accessory for special occasions. Crafted with sterling silver and delicate design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any event. Its sparkling accent makes it perfect for any ensemble and its comfortable fit ensures you won't have to compromise on comfort.

  • Sterling Silver Over Brass
  • S925 Stamped
  • Available in sizes 5-10

Size: 5